International Market Intelligence:

Our market intelligence unit provides advanced international market analysis services on the sectoral/product, region/country level.

We support exporters in finding the best markets for their products through invaluable information inclusive of their products’ potential in any given market, markets’ business environment, trends, and practices, and best prospects for success with insights into potential customers and market competition.

Global/ Regional Market Scan:
  • Analyse exports and import flows for a specified product range.
  • Analyse regional/ trade bloc trade flows
  • Identify top supplying/importing markets by region.
  • Analyse the market performance, growth and decline trends and potentiality.
  • Identify Key product standards and certification requirements.
  • Identify the most potential markets suitable for the targeted product/service.
Market Insight Report:
  • Analyse the market performance in terms of imports and exports value and volume.
  • Analyse the competition landscape, key supplying markets and market share breakdown.
  • Analyse market requirements and entry conditions in terms of certification and standards.
  • Analyse macro, political, social outlook, and business environment.
On-ground Market Analysis:

Provide on-ground primary insights about the market including:

  1. Competition Landscape: key market players, imported brands and share in the market.


    Pricing strategies: retail selling prices, duties, taxes, and profit shares across distribution


    Distribution channels: mapping distributing channels’ existence across the market, market share and distribution coverage.

About the Service

Who needs this service?

This service is for any business that has the capabilities to export and recognise a global demand for their products, they want to expand but need to have detailed insights about their product potentiality and competitiveness in the global markets and identify key targeted potential markets.

What will happen if my business doesn’t have a market entry strategy?

Not having a market entry strategy will endanger the entire organization, as it will lead to uncalculated trials and errors. This might come from the wrong market selection, wrong pricing, wrong certification, and wrong distribution. Also, each country has its own culture and way of doing business alongside this It’s crucial to study your target market well to overcome culture shocks and misinterpretations.

How does this service help me?

International Market Intelligence Services provides your company with a holistic, tailored, and accurate action plan. First, we work on identifying the target market and then conduct extensive desk and field research to collect relevant information and practical insights which support or challenge the target market decision.